FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why can't I register in TACS?

Please make sure that your dealership manager or administrator has completed the personnel enrollment for you in DCS Online - Personnel Enrollment

Why doesn't TACS recognize my Username and/or password?

You must first register in TACS. Remember that the Username is not case sensitive. Password is case sensitive. Check to be sure that your caps lock key is not on.

Will my records be transferred from the old LMS and HMAtraining.com to the new Hyundai TACS system?

If you have already completed courses or a certification level in the old LMS or HMAtraining.com (e.g. - Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.) your training records will transfer to the Hyundai TACS system as soon as you register in TACS.

Who has to register?

If you plan to attend any Hyundai classes (Parts, Sales, Service,

What internet browsers does TACS support?

At this time only Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 on a Windows PC.

Why do I have multiple dealer codes showing in my Account Profile?

These dealer codes are in Hyundai's database as the active dealer codes for your current job roles. If the job role information is incorrect, please contact your Dealer Administrator to update your information. If you are no longer employed by a dealer that is showing in your Account Profile, please contact the dealer administrator and ask to have your record "inactivated".

I am an instructor. Can I create a class?

Yes, instructors are able to create classes and they can update the class roster.

I am having trouble accessing HyundaiDealer.com, who should I call?

If you have problems accessing HyundaiDealer.com, please contact Hyundai's Dealer Helpdesk number at 1-800-435-7737.

I am having trouble accessing HMAService.com, who should I call?

If you have problems accessing HMAService.com, please contact Hyundai's Dealer Helpdesk number at 1-800-435-7737.

I enrolled in an instructor-led classroom training class but I do not see it show up on my Training Dashboard.

If you have multiple job roles, you will see a dropdown on the upper right side of your Training Dashboard. Flip to another job role and most likely the class will show up under a different job role. If you still do not see it, then the course you enrolled in was not part of your training path and is an optional course, as determined by your job role.

Can I enroll in classes outside of my training curriculum?

Yes. Enroll from the Course Catalog screen.

Can I play web-based courses outside of my training curriculum?

Yes, go to the Web-based screen or the Course Catalog screen to playback courses.